Links to notes and presentations

Eprints UK User Group Meeting notes in Google Docs – thanks to all those who added notes on the day.


  • EPrints Services (Seb Francois, EPrints Lead Developer, University of Southampton)
  • Jisc Update (Balviar Notay, Repository Services Senior Manager, Jisc)

EPrints and Statistics

  • University of Sussex and IRUS (Chris Keene, Technical Development Manager, University of Sussex)
  • IRStats and EPStats (John Salter and John Beaman, Library Systems Team, University of Leeds)
  • Altmetrics (William Nixon, Digital Library Development Manager, University of Glasgow)

Reporting and Compliance

  • Jisc End-to-End Open Access Project (Valerie McCutcheon, Research Information Manager, University of Glasgow) E2EOA blog
  • RIOXX Update and questions (Paul Walk, Head of Technology Strategy and Planning, EDINA, University of Edinburgh ) RIOXX

Various discussion groups broke out from the main meeting. The discussion are recorded in the notes from the day in Google Docs above. Discussion topics included:

  • Research data management
  • Open access
  • Impact
  • Getting started with EPrints

A list of delegates is available on the EventBrite page.

Twitter hash tag #eprintsusergroup

The next EPrints UK User Group meeting will be in November / December 2014. Venue to be confirmed.