To coincide with the unveiling of the new Sir William Bragg bust in the Parkinson Court this month, we have digitised Sir Bragg’s notebook. The notebook contains notes made in connection with his research on X-rays, carried out with his son, Sir Laurence Bragg, in the old Physical Laboratory of the University of Leeds, on the site of the Brotherton Library.

Capturing this notebook is quite tricky as the notes are made in pencil. They are faint and so we have to balance the light so it is bright enough to read but not so bright as to bleach out the pencil markings.

We have also been doing more work to support the new Treasures Gallery producing images for facsimiles. We had a quick preview of the Gallery this month and it was great to see lots of the photographs we’ve taken used on a big scale on the signs and displays. We can’t wait for the opening of the Gallery next year.