The last couple of months have been busy for the Digitisation team.

At this time of year we do a lot of scanning of chapters and articles for online course readings, converting the scans to pdf formats and uploading them to the University Of Leeds Virtual Learning Environment [VLE] for students to access online.

Since September the team have produced 3730 images for Special Collections customer orders as well as for internal staff requests for publicity and marketing, alumni office, Treasures Gallery staff and ongoing work such as digitising cookery and medical manuscripts and books for the Wellcome Research Resources digitisation project. We have also digitised a substantial amount of Leeds Student newspapers.  So far, we have made editions up to April 1996 publicly visible on the Special Collections catalogue and will continue until we reach 1999.

Other ongoing projects include digitising microfilms from the Central Records Office [CRO] to preserve the information held on them before the tapes degrade. We have a special scanner for this which we used to operate in the CRO itself but it has now moved up to the studio.


Whilst all this work is going on we are in the middle of updating our studio equipment, replacing all of our monitors and computers. Obviously this has to be carefully timed so we can still continue with our work, requiring a lot of forward planning. We have developed a new online procedures manual that the Digital Content team as a whole, including the studio, have been continuously populating with current and updated procedures. We have named this manual Marvel, and if you’re a super hero or comic book fan you’ll know why.  A clue; look at the initials of the team…

So what are we doing over the next few months? We have a new member of staff joining us next week so we look forward to working with Ken Kajoranta, our new Digitisation Manager. Ken will be with us until August 2017 and we welcome him to the Digital Content team.

Very soon we will be digitising images for the new Treasure Gallery exhibition due to open in March 2017 so watch this space!