Third year student Victoria Nickerson has been the Public Art intern from June – October 2016. Tory reflects on her experience in this blog.


I started as Public Art Intern in June and I have been involved in a variety of events this summer taking me from Haworth to Halifax to highlight the Yorkshire Year of the Textile theme. This has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish and I’ve met some wonderful artists, poets, choreographers and members of the galleries team along the way.

The commemoration of Mitzi Cunliffe’s Man-Made Fibres kicked off the Yorkshire Year of the Textile (YYOT) with a stunning dance performance by TurveyWorld, an image of this response has now become the icon for culture on campus. Knit/Lit workshops have also been a main part of the YYOT this summer and a great experience to be part of. It was exciting to see how the public engaged with the workshops, their discussion influenced fantastic literary responses, a particularly memorable one being Finger Knitting for Survival on a Desert Island Disc. It was also interesting to see how the workshop could inspire members of the public to use the technique in other ways, for example as a therapeutic activity.

Following the implementation of a new Public Art strategy in 2015 and the launching of the art trail, we’ve aspired to further engage the public with sculpture on campus. Hitting Youtube and the big screen at Laidlaw this summer, and an entertaining project to be involved with, was the Public Art film. This not only showcased the art trail, but demonstrated an innovative way to engage with sculpture such as William Chattaway’s Walking Figure through a beautiful tai chi demonstration. Following this lead the Public Art Officer, Nichola Stephenson, and I have also engaged audiences with sculpture on campus through a range of events such as #YouInTheFrame, art picnics and Public Art power walks, merging with the Go Out Get Active team.

I am delighted to have contributed to Public Art events across summer and I am excited to see how the galleries team continue to encourage exciting interactions with art on campus, in particular with our new sculptures by Barbara Hepworth, and Sue Lawty.