Footsteps into Art offers work experience, volunteer opportunities and a paid internship for University of Leeds students.


This year a team of 21 student volunteers will support the Footsteps into Art workshops by working with children on tasks, taking photographs of their artwork and collecting feedback which will contribute to the project evaluation. These students are eager to work with children to share their passion about creativity and art and to gain valuable experience working in an art gallery.

Beyond their passion for art, they’re a varied bunch! We have volunteers from China, Canada and New Zealand, as well as Manchester, Newcastle and the Isle of Man. They come from a range of departments across the University including Biochemistry, French and Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies. The team of volunteers includes a power lifter, a former professional salsa dancer, and someone who completed the Three Peaks Challenge earlier this year.

Through the work based experiences offered by Footsteps into Art, students will add to their already considerable experience by making a difference to the local community, and developing transferrable skills including team work, problem solving, communication, time management and adaptability.