We’ve taken in a small, but interesting number of new accessions this month.

Special Collections has taken in an accrual to our BC MS 20c Orage Collection.  Alfred Richard Orage (1873-1934) was the editor of the literary magazine ‘The New Age’ from 1907-1922.  With his colleague, Holbrook Jackson, Orage used the magazine to promote the ideas of Nietzsche and Fabian socialism.  Contributors included H. G. Wells, Katherine Mansfield and G. K. Chesterton.  The influential magazine helped to define modernism in literature, art and music.

In the early 1920s Orage heard the mystic and philosopher George Gurdjieff lecturing and became interested in his teachings.  Gurdjieff devised a path he called ‘The Fourth Way’ to help people to achieve their full potential.

To train his pupils Gurdjieff set up the Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man’ south of Paris.  Orage became one of his pupils.  Our Orage collection includes letters from Muriel Draper, a friend of Orage and his wife Jessie, in which she mentions Gurdjieff’s activities in the early 1930s.

Traditional Food in Cumbria‘ is the latest work from renowned food historian Peter Brears, former director of Leeds City Museums. This book is a far wider study than the title suggests. Brears uses food and cooking traditions as the vehicle for a wide-ranging picture of Cumbria’s social history in town and country. Working and domestic lives are covered, together with communal celebrations such as fairs, calendar customs and weddings, all illustrated with Brears’s distinctive line drawings. Naturally there are lots of recipes.