Third Year Graphic & Communication Design student, Camila Castenada, writes about her experiences as a volunteer on the Footsteps into Art programme.


The volunteering experience with ‘Footsteps Into Art’ has been one of a kind. Working with children has that overall feeling of bliss and enthusiasm, watching them explore different techniques and mediums is a refreshing view, as they express themselves with fearless curiosity and freedom.
It was a privilege to be part of such a caring and special team in charge of the program. The children always seemed happy to see us, they were kind and welcoming. Spending time with them and the teachers not only gave me the opportunity to see how art education for this young minds unfolds, but it also allowed me to learn so much more about the field.
The workshops at the gallery were great. The children always seemed to have a happy time at the university. The visiting artists were always prepared and had so much to share with the children. The techniques and lessons were engaging and creative, providing a grounding scenario as an escapade into the visual arts, and hopefully helped to seed an interest as a hobby or vocation for their future. Additionally the visit to the primary school in Little London was a rewarding experience, because it was nice to see that they had a space dedicated to their artistic practice and, and it was also gratifying to carry out a workshop in such a playful atmosphere especially since this is their everyday context.
I am grateful and honoured of being part of such a great volunteering program, and wish the best of luck to its future and succeeding teams.