As a Student Ambassador for the Library, one of my tasks over the last couple of months has been to work on an individual project with supervision from one of the library’s Learning Advisors. The project is based on one of the Skills@Library resources, Flying Start, which seeks to provide guidance to first year students in their transition to studying at university.

There is information on everything from how to make the most out of your lectures, how to manage your time and guidance for tackling your first assignment. Speaking from the point of view of a current student, I can see how useful Flying Start will be for people who are about to start university and want to get a head start before the beginning of the semester.

The bulk of my time was taken up meeting with my supervisor to discuss the main aims of carrying out the survey and coming up with questions for the survey. Once the survey machine was up and running in the Laidlaw Library, I did some observation of how people reacted to the machine and whether it was visible to passers-by. By doing this, we’ll not only have feedback on the Flying Start resource, but also on the mode of gathering feedback and how effective this was in practice.

All in all, I think that Flying Start is a fantastic resource for giving new students an insight into studying at university and helping them to feel less nervous at the prospect of new learning styles and assessment methods. It will be really useful to see the feedback that students have given in the survey, and it will hopefully give us some pointers as to how the Flying Start resource can be improved in the future to better suit the needs of first year students.