The Digital Content Team are in the process of relocating to a new space. Having outgrown the old studio it is hoped that a larger new studio and an improved layout will help facilitate increased workflow capacity.  It will also allow the team of archivists moving into the old studio space to be nearer to the teams they work with on a regular basis.  This will be the first time the Digital Content Team have all been based in the same room which will aid communication.

It has been all hands on deck to renovate the room. Firstly the old shelving used by the previous archivist tenants was removed from the walls, increasing floor space. A fresh coat of paint and flooring has given the new area a simple cosmetic update. White daylight lighting has been installed and new data points and cabling fitted.

The new layout will include two permanent copy stands which effectively doubles capacity for image capture as the old studio only had one. These will be stationed at opposite ends of the room to allow both to be in use at the same time. The book scanner will take up residence in one corner of the room. This bit of kit is still a workhorse for the digitisation of student newspapers. Flatbed scanner stations will complement the cameras as flat items such as photographs can be scanned while other items are photographed. Audio equipment and the microfilm scanner round up the equipment list.

As the camera is currently out of action whilst work on the new room is going on, the Digital Content Team have been undertaking various housekeeping tasks, mainly relating to Online Course Readings. Hundreds of emails have been sent out to module tutors to audit usage of readings available on the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Where articles are no longer needed, they must be removed to comply with the terms of the Copyright Licensing Act. Ensuring copyright compliance is a really important part of the team’s work but we can’t wait to get in the new space and get digitising!