As exams approach and you are into your revision, we’d like to share some revision tips created by the Lifelong Learning Centre Academic Skills Team.

  1. Check what format the exam will take by looking in the module handbook or asking your tutor. Make sure you understand what is expected of you.
  2. Plan your revision well in advance to ensure you have time for everything you need to do. Allocate specific tasks to specific hours of specific days!
  3. Include breaks and rewards in your revision timetable to keep you motivated.
  4. Make sure your revision is active – don’t robotically write out lecture notes and avoid the thinking and learning part!
  5. Use the module handbook to remind you of the topics you’ve covered and the learning outcomes. These should guide your revision focus along with what you know about the exam from the handbook and your tutor.
  6. Re-visit your lecture notes and use your textbooks and recommended reading to fill in any gaps in your knowledge. Notice connections across topics.
  7. Make revision resources from your lecture notes/readings. For instance, you could re-write and reduce your notes into a colourful mindmap, or you could use a website like Cram to create and share revision flash cards.
  8. Test your knowledge by making up questions based on what you’ve learned on the module and answering them in a limited timeframe. Sometimes you may be able to find question ideas in your textbook or access the questions from previous years’ exams.
  9. Vary how you study. You could spend time alone at home, time in the library and time with friends or classmates, teaching and testing each other to aid your understanding and recall of the subject.
  10. Check the date, time and location of the exam – seek out the exact location of the room in advance to save you searching for it on the day. The provisional exam timetable is available via Minerva.

Good luck! For more revision strategies and techniques, visit the Skills@Library webpages on revision.

Do you have any revision tips of your own? We’d love you to share them in the comments section below.