Manage it locally to share it globally: RDM and Wikimedia Commons

We are very excited to have won the very first Data Management Engagement Award, a competition sponsored by SPARC Europe, the University of Cambridge and Jisc to elicit new and imaginative ideas for engaging researchers in the practices of good Research Data Management (RDM).

Our proposal is to link RDM with the open science movement via the Wikimedia suite of tools and we need your help!

Perhaps you are a researcher here at the University of Leeds or at one of the other Universities in Yorkshire. Or you might be based further afield, in the UK, Europe or anywhere across the globe. You might be based at another type of organisation altogether or an interested citizen of the world. The Web makes us all neighbours and potential collaborators.

Basically just share yours or others’ openly licensed research material via Wikimedia Commons to create an aggregated resource that can be used to improve Wikipedia. It’s easy!

To read more about the project and register your interest please visit this shared Google folder which includes the original proposal and a preliminary project plan.

RDM Engagement – get involved

You can also get in touch via this blog, on Twitter or via Wikipedia.

Example: Baxter the Robot

Alomari, Muhannad and Hogg, David C. and Cohn, Anthony G. (2017) Leeds Robotic Commands. University of Leeds. [Dataset]

Video from dataset uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and embedded and cited on Wikipedia:


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