Yeaaah, exams are finally over!

You are probably having mixed feelings about how they went. Yes, it is very common to think “why didn’t I do…?!” or “what if I’ve failed?!” after exams. The reality is, you’re probably going to be fine (and if not, you will get a second chance). We’d say, “allow yourself some time to recover from exams in your own way”. You may want to get out and get active, enjoying the freedom and fresh air after such a busy time.  Alternatively, you may prefer to stay in and binge watch all the dramas you missed in the last couple of weeks. Whatever you do, we hope you give yourself some time to get back to normal life.

If you haven’t got a post exam to-do list, here’s a list of things to consider:

  • Go out and celebrate the end of term
  • Watch a film
  • Have a good catch up with family and friends
  • Cook something really delicious

If at the back of your mind, you are wondering “what would I have done differently?” or “how could I do better?” It is worth noting down your thoughts on these questions for future exams, if you have more next year. After your marks are released, if you would like to get some feedback, check with your School and tutors to see whether that’s possible.

The table below is adapted from The Exam Skills Handbook by Stella Cottrell (2012, p.211). You may want to spend some quiet time reflecting on these questions and jotting down your thoughts for those most relevant to you. You can also use the blank space at the bottom of the table to add in your own exam reflective questions.

Reflection table

You can borrow The Exam Skills Handbook from our academic skills collection, and recommend a skills-related text to add to our collection by completing this form.