Which apps do you use most regularly?  Email? Weather? Facebook?  We’ve all got our favourites, and it’s always good to add to that list.

Skills@Library Learning Advisors have a few that you might not have come across that we’d like to share with you. All of these apps are free to sign up to!

Evernote: A virtual Swiss Army Knife for anyone who needs to take notes, make lists, capture ideas and generally remember what they’ve got going on.  Evernote has legions of loyal subscribers (you can sign up for free), because of its flexibility.  If you want to see what’s on offer, there’s a handy overview on the Evernote website.

Trello: A nice tool for keeping track of tasks.  Trello is particularly effective to use with other people, perhaps when you’re working together on a project.   Find out more on the Trello website.

Rescue Time:  If you really need to get down to work but are plagued by digital distractions, you could try monitoring exactly what you’re spending your time doing.  Rescue Time will report back to you on what you’ve been doing online, and block your chief distractions when you want it to.  There are both free and premium options to choose from on the Trello website.

BBC Sounds: This one is just for fun!   You can listen to a vast range of BBC radio programmes on every topic imaginable – honestly this is an aural treat!  You do need an account to use BBC Sounds, and there may be some international restrictions, so check the BBC Sounds website for more help.