Resitting your exams soon? We have some tips that could help you improve your performance and revision techniques ready for the next step.

Read and reflect on your feedback

Identify what you need to improve from your feedback and focus on that while preparing for your resits or resubmissions.

Identify your strength and areas to improve

What worked well last time and what didn’t? What areas are you confident in? What areas are you mostly unsure about? Keep up with the strategies that worked for you and focus your time more on the areas that you struggled or were not sure about last time.

Maximise your time

Preparing for resits or resubmissions can be tough! Try this spaced repetition technique – it’ll help your brain store more information. A quick tip when revising different topics: spend 25 minutes per topic, have a 5 minute break after each, rotate through the topics (see the diagram below). Remember to look after your health and wellbeing and take the breaks!

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Plan your time and answers during exams

Learn how to manage your writing and time effectively during exams will help you feel more focused and in control. Check out our tips on writing in exams below:

Have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments.