Sadly not all ebooks are available to libraries to purchase, or else there might be restrictions on how many students can access them at a time. So how can you get hold of your core reading material when deadlines are approaching and everyone on your course is chasing the same text? Don’t despair, we have the means to help you get your research done.

  • You can always request a book that is out on loan- and it should be returned within seven days. Even if your lecturer has it.
  • Tutors are looking for evidence of independent research skills and original thought so try a keyword search in Library Search (which you can limit to full text available online), Google Scholar or a subject specialist database (link to subject database page) to look for alternative materials on your subject.
  • We can usually digitise a chapter of a book we own and make it available for you on Minerva so ask your tutor to check out our online course readings service online course readings service