Black History Month is a great opportunity to develop our understanding of history, culture and experiences, and join in the nationwide celebration of Black History, Arts and Culture throughout the UK.

There is a wide range of reading material in the Library to choose from, but where to start?

Dr. Nina Wardleworth, lecturer in the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, has helpfully brought together some historically important and culturally relevant material from across a number of reading lists.

We’ve listed them below, complete with information on where to find them in the Library – use Library Search to check availability.

Laidlaw Library

Black French women and the struggle for equality, 1848-2016 – edited by Félix F. Germain (Level 2, Modern History D-8.06 GER)

There Ain’t No Black in the Union Jack – Paul Gilroy (Level 3, Sociology G-1 GIL)

Windrush: the irresistible rise of multi-racial Britain – Mike Phillips and Trevor Phillips (Level 3, Sociology G-1 PHI)

Brotherton Library (Blackman Library)

Black history, white history: Britain’s historical programme between Windrush and Wilberforce – Barbara Korte, Barbara and Eva Ulrike Pirker (Main Building Floor 2, Modern History P-0.06 KOR)

Black history in the pages of children’s literature – Rose Casement (Main Building Floor 4, English U-0.31 CAS)

Black and British: a forgotten history – David Olusoga (Main Building Floor 2, Modern History P-0.06 OLU)

A history of black and Asian writing in Britain, 1700-2000 – Catherine Lynette Innes (Main Building Floor 4, English A-0.31 INN)

Black Handsworth: race in 1980s Britain -Kieran Connell (Main Building Floor 2 Modern History P-9.506 CON)

War to Windrush: black women in Britain 1939 to 1948 – Stephen Bourne (Main Building Floor 2, Modern History P-9.506 BOU)

Edward Boyle Library (Zephaniah Library)

Blackness in Britain – edited by Kehinde Andrews and Lisa Palmer (Level 12, Sociology G-1 AND)

London is the place for me: black Britons, citizenship, and the politics of race – Kennetta Hammond Perry (Level 12, Sociology G-1 PER)

Before the Windrush: race relations in twentieth-century Liverpool – John Belcham (Level 12, Sociology G-1.274 BEL)

Inside the ivory tower: narratives of women of colour surviving and thriving in British academia – edited by Deborah Gabriel and Anne Shirley (Level 12, Education 378.41 GAB)

20 questions and answers on Black Europe – Stephen Small (Level 12, Sociology G-11.6 SMA)

Health Sciences

Good practice and quality indicators in primary health care: health care for black and minority ethnic people – NHS Ethnic Health Unit.; National Association of Health Authorities and Trusts in England and Wales.; Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster Health Authority. (Health Sciences, WA 900 NHS)

The Black women’s health book: speaking for ourselves – Evelyn C. White (Health Sciences, WA 309 BLA)

Black History Month helps to create awareness, understanding and deepen much needed knowledge to help honour the too-often unheralded accomplishments of Black Britons in every area of endeavour throughout our history.

For more on Black History Month, including events and the BHM Guide to Leeds, visit the LUU website.