With the Christmas vacation nearly upon us now is a good time to look back at the semester and see how much you’ve achieved. If you were new to Leeds this year you haven’t just been managing your studies, you’ve been acclimatising to a whole new city (or even country), so give yourself some extra praise, we know it can be tough.

Look back at your lecture and seminar notes from September onwards, you’ve covered a lot of new topics and concepts in a short space of time. Did you get stuck on any specific topic? How could you build your understanding? Take time to browse any assignments that you’ve submitted, and reflect on how much you’ve learned from undertaking these.

If you think this sounds a tiny bit self-indulgent, it’s actually the reverse; reflecting is a good first step to revision (if you’ve got exams), and to planning ahead for semester 2.  Speaking of semester 2, you might also be looking forward to specific modules coming up in 2020, so make the most of your enthusiasm and read ahead if you wish.

Finally, with a break from scheduled classes, make sure that you take some time for yourself this Christmas. Take a walk in nature, catch up with special people and don’t spend too much money in the New Year sales!

We’ll look forward to seeing you in January.