Welcome back to Leeds, we hope you had a relaxing Christmas break.

At this time of year you and your friends will have different priorities, some will have exams, some won’t.  If you are getting ready to sit exams or online time limited assessments (OTLAs), we’ve got heaps of good advice on our website to help.  Check out our revision and exams webpages for more information.

If you’re living with friends who are in the middle of revision or assessments, do make sure that you are a considerate housemate – they’ll probably appreciate some quiet study time.  And if it’s you that needs to get down to work, try to find somewhere that you know you’ll work effectively; the right atmosphere can do wonders for your concentration*.

Semester 2 tends to fly by at an alarming speed. If you get down time before it starts, make sure that you do some forward planning to get your assignment deadlines, events or exams in your calendar in advance.  There are a number of public holidays in the spring as well, so if you’re not sure when Easter or upcoming Bank Holidays are, check out the University Almanac for the full details.

*Tip: Exercise is also fantastic for concentration, so if you can, get down to The Edge or take a walk to boost your brain.