Successful study is often related to how well we stick to an effective working routine.  When our routines are disrupted our work can suffer as a result.  In this blog post we’ll look at how to kick start a new routine.

Big changes:

Most of you will now be doing the majority of your studies remotely.  If you’re used to coming into campus to study a lot, this will be a huge change for you.  It can be more difficult to concentrate if you’re in a space that you normally associate with leisure or relaxation, so here are some ideas to help shift that perspective.

Our tips:

  • Clear a workspace.  You’re going to need an area that you can solely dedicate to study, even if it’s in the same room that you’re using for rest and relaxation.  If your existing workspace is a bit neglected this is a good opportunity to clean it up.  Our advice would be to keep it functional not fun.
  • Organise each day.  Begin with a with some study warm ups before you get down to serious work.  You could re-read some notes from a previous day, review what you did yesterday or prepare your to-do list for the day ahead.  Warming up will help you to get focused more quickly than trying to go straight into a difficult task immediately.
  • Get dressed.  As millions of people are now working remotely, a key tip that most seem to be sharing is to get dressed as a way to signify that you are going to do some work.  Want a pyjama day?  Factor this into your weekly routine, but keep it for rest days.
  • Keep a record of what you’ve done each day.  It’s satisfying to see what you’ve achieved, and even if your list isn’t a long one, you’ll find that this is a good way to track your progress over the course of a week.
  • Take breaks and get some fresh air.  You could even schedule breaks in for specific times.  A virtual coffee break with a friend can also be a great way to keep connected whilst you work.
  • Have clear start and finish times, and stick to these.

Don’t forget to share your own tips with friends, you may be able to make a huge difference with a simple chat.