As the weather gets warmer and we move into summer, many taught postgraduate students will be thinking about their research project.  Skills@Library have a fantastic resource, Final Chapter, which can help as you move from planning and identifying your topic, to doing research and writing up.

There is support and advice for all stages of the process, covering:

  • Starting your project
  • Managing your project
  • Researching your topic
  • Structuring your project
  • Writing up your project
  • Revise, edit, proofread

You’ll also find past students sharing their tips and advice, and guidance from project supervisors across the university.

We’ve used extracts from real dissertations to use as examples of what good research and writing looks like.  You can also access the full examples on our dissertation pages – these are useful for looking at how other students have structured and written about their research.  If you can’t find an example from your specific subject then look for another area with a similar type of research approach and structure as your own.

Don’t forget to check the Skills@Library website for details of the research project workshops which run throughout the summer.