Papers from the Chemical Laboratory (Chapman, 2010)

New to referencing at University? We can help! 

Referencing is an important part of academic life and here at Leeds we want to help you to get used to this as soon as possible.   

If you haven’t had to include references before in your writing you might want to know a little more about why we do it and what it’s for.  This short video will introduce you to the key ideas behind referencing.  

When it comes to understanding how to reference, there is comprehensive referencing guidance on the Library website.  Here you can find guides on how to create a reference, details about the different referencing styles used at the University with lots of examples, and how to identify your school’s referencing style

If you’re not sure where to begin, try starting with why and when you reference, and the differences between a reference and a citation. 

Whatever your programme of study at Leeds, you’ll be hearing a lot more about referencing, and it will soon become second nature. It is an important skill so make sure that you fully understand what you need to do, and if in doubt just get in touch with us and ask!


Chapman, S. 2010. Papers from the Chemical Laboratory. [Online]. [Accessed 22 September 2020]. Available from: