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The 22nd June 2021 marks the fourth national Windrush Day, and 73 years since the SS Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury Docks in Essex in 1948 carrying the first Caribbean migrants to the UK to help re-build Britain after the Second World War. The first Windrush Day was held on June 22nd June 2018.

Windrush Day isn’t just about marking a moment in time – the moment when the first of the Windrush Generation set foot in the UK – it’s also about what’s happening now around the diaspora and for different generations of Windrush descendants.

The Windrush Generation had an incredible impact on British society and we’d love people to share their stories and experiences. Whether you consider yourself Caribbean or Black British, we all share the same heritage and have developed a unique culture here in the UK – that has grown and evolved over the generations, from 1948 to the present day. I for one am excited to see what’s next, and where we will go from here.

Catherine Ross, Editor of Black History Month UK, who moved to the UK with her family from St Kitts in the

In the past and presently, and through no fault of their own, hardships, challenge and hostile environments have impacted many of the Windrush Generation. 

On ‘Windrush Day’ let us remember and celebrate the British Caribbean community and the half a million people who came to the UK all those years ago carrying with them, their hopes, and dreams of a better life for themselves and their families.  They have made and continue to make, an amazing contribution to Britain, its economy, culture and society.

How do you feel about Windrush / What does Windrush mean to you?

How has Windrush impacted your life or that of a family member?

How do you feel about the continued fight for equality and justice faced by members of the Windrush Community and marked by the Windrush Scandal?

Can you relate to Windrush through your experience of migration?

Are you a staff member with little knowledge of Windrush and its history, not affected by Windrush but would like to show your support/share with us your views on Windrush/ the Scandal?

If you are happy to share any of your Windrush reflections (experience, story, artwork, poem etc) openly with us then do please get in touch with b.phillips@leeds.ac.uk


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