Delve into the world of writer Kevin Crossley-Holland in this new exhibition at the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery.

Kevin Crossley-Holland is well-known for his poetry, novels, traditional tales and translations. He has won prizes including the Carnegie Medal and the Guardian Children’s Fiction Award. He is also beloved by generations of readers for his Arthur Trilogy.

Kevin Crossley-Holland photograph, © Kevin Crossley-Holland

Crossley-Holland engages creatively with language and poetry, place, history and legend. He captivates us by telling stories deeply rooted in past cultures, which he remakes as compellingly contemporary and relevant.

Early in his career, Crossley-Holland established a reputation as a poet, translator and re-teller of Old and Middle English poetry, romance, and folklore. His Arthur trilogy has sold over a million copies worldwide and is available in 26 languages. It has inspired young readers to become medievalists and also writers themselves.

Crossley-Holland is passionate about the land (Norfolk especially) and how history, landscape and poetic language shape and inform one another. This exhibition explores continuities in how he sees, interprets, and responds to these creative stimuli from childhood onwards. It also reveals how meticulously he researches the past to create his imaginary yet historically accurate worlds, and how carefully he crafts his poetry.

The exhibition includes items from the Kevin Crossley-Holland Archive at Leeds, and his private collection, including original artwork from a range of artists who have collaborated with Crossley-Holland throughout his career.

‘Poem, Story and Scape in the Work of Kevin Crossley-Holland’ opens in the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery on 29th March. Visit to discover the worlds, stories and spaces which have inspired this prolific author.