‘shoegazing, in the snow’ (morrow, 2005)

We are excited to introduce you to our new Student Project Assistants Roxanne, Daisy and Oriana. Follow along as they share the high and lows of undertaking their final year projects. Each month they will offer their insights into the process of researching as an undergraduate and share tips, resources and lessons learned!


Hello, My name is Roxanne and I’m in my third year studying BA Sociology at the University of Leeds. I am originally from South London and took a year out before starting University. Throughout my degree I have explored themes ranging from identity politics, social inequality, and colonialism, to disability, climate change and postmodernism. In my final year, I am narrowing my focus and taking a particular interest in sociological contributions to the understanding of anthropogenic climate change. More specifically, I hope to delve into research which covers forms of climate action (and inaction) and explore the multitude of theories which have been used to explain society’s response to the climate crisis on a global and local scale. I will also draw from other disciplines that I have taken discovery modules from such as Geography, Psychology and the Earth and Environment.

Although doing a dissertation seems very daunting at this point in the year, my aim is to take it one step at a time by setting myself small tasks and activities, so that writing a 12,000-word essay becomes more manageable and less overwhelming as the year progresses. By taking small steps now at the start of the academic year, I hope that I will be able to balance university work with other commitments and hobbies I have throughout the year, such as paid work and exercise, which are equally important for my wellbeing.

I hope that by the end of this year all the research and time that I will have put into my dissertation will allow me to choose a Master’s program that is most in-line with my interests, as well help guide me onto a career path that best reflects my passions and skills. 


Hi! I’m Daisy and I am in my final year of a Physics B.Sc. in the school of Physics and Astronomy. My final year project is investigating Quantum Interference Effects in Nanostructures. This project uses Python programming to analyse data collected from a specific metal to gain a deeper insight into quantum and condensed matter physics concerning quantum interference. I am looking forward to the computational side of this project as I am hoping to pursue a career in computational physics/computer science. My biggest challenge will be developing the mathematical skills I need for the project as COVID disrupted the delivery of my course modules where some of this learning would have taken place. I hope that in the blogs I post through Skills@Library, I will be able to share my experience in completing a final year project to show the challenges and processes that you go through.  


Hello everyone!

I’m Ori, and I’m a final year student studying Politics and Sociology. I’ve just come back from my study abroad year in Belgium, where I studied a mix of politics, sociology and languages modules at KU Leuven. To be honest, I’m feeling both excited and daunted at the prospect of writing and researching my dissertation. I’m hoping to do mine within the topic of refugee studies, but it all seems to have come around so quickly and I’m feeling the pressure to be super organised already. You’ll see more updates from me and my colleagues on the dissertation project process over the next few months, but in the meantime, I hope that you all manage to smoothly settle into the new academic year!


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